Kpop Ballad Song

Beberapa referensi lagu Ballad Korea yang cocok untuk didengar >>>>>>>

If It Was Me – Na Yoon Kwon (Lagu ini pernah dinyanyikan oleh Kyuhyun di SUKIRA yang dipersembahkan untuk Sungmin ^^)

Alarm Clock – SHINee

Honesty – SHINee

Cafe Latte – Urban Zakapa

Dear My Family – SM TOWN

I Lived In Your Side For a Moment – Kyuhyun (dinyanyikan saat Super Show 3)

An Bu – Byul & Na Yoon Kwon

Going To You – Wanted

Always Be Mine – Urban Zakapa

Haessali Apa – Urban Zakapa with Han So Hyeon

I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me – 2AM

Haessali Apa – Standing Egg

Voice – Baek Ji Young



Super Junior

Late Autumn – Kyuhyun

Distant Memory of You – SJ KRY (Kurang tau lagu asli ini milik siapa, KRY hanya covering lagu ini di acara Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook)

From U



A Good bye


Only U



Love Sick – TaeTiSeo

Baby Steps – TaeTiSeo






The Way To Break Up – Super Junior ‘Kyuhyun’ (Poseidon)

Etude of Memories – Kim Dong Ryul OST Introduction to Architecture (Lagu ini pernah dinyanyikan oleh Kyuhyun di Immortal Song 2 & Super Show 4 Seoul Encore (Kyuhyun Solo), menurut aku lebih enak yang versi Kyuhyun)

Missing You Like Crazy – SNSD ‘Taeyeon’ (King 2 Heart)

I’ll Be Waiting – SNSD ‘Seohyun’ (Fashion King)

Because It’s ou – SNSD ‘Tiffany’ (Love Rain)

Real Love Song – K.Will (The Greatest Love)

Don’t Forget Me – Huh Gak (The Greatest Love)

Together – T-ARA ‘Jiyeon’ feat JB (Dream High 2)

If You Love Me More – Super Junior ‘Ryeowook’ (Spy Myungwoon)

Rain Of Blades – Super Junior ‘Kyuhyun’ (God of War)

It’s Me – SNSD ‘Sunny’ & f(x) ‘Luna’ (To The Beautiful You)

Closer – SNSD ‘Taeyeon’ (To The Bautiful You)

Promise – Urban Zakapa (Ms Panda & Mr Hedgehog)

For a Year – Howl (I’m Sorr, I Love You)

All For You – Seo In Guk feat Eun Ji ‘A Pink’ (Reply 1997)

Just Once – Super Junior ‘Kyuhyun’ (The Freat Seer)

For a Year – Howl (I’m Sorry, I Love You (Between Of One Year) OST)

If You Love Me More – Super Junior ‘Ryeowook’ (Spy Myungwoon)


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