130613 MBC SS5 Documentary with Super Junior – Eunhyuk & Donghae Self-Camera [Transcripts]

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EH: This is the venue for Super Junior concert in Brazil
DH: I’ll do the interview
DH: This is the close coverage of Eunhyuk-ssi
DH: Today where is it your best part ?
EH: Today.. my neckline is.
DH: Your neckline?
EH: Yes.
DH: Eunhyuk-ssi close coverage in.. 3,2,1
DH: How is it like when you reached Brazil airport?
EH: Firstly, there were many fans that came to the airport, but we couldn’t greet them so I feel bad and sorry.
DH: What do you think of today’s concert? Did you rehearsed well?
EH: I always do well. Because I’m a pro.
DH: Hello I’m Donghae.
EH: Ah it’s Donghae-ssi?
DH: Yes.
EH: Ok. Today, we’ll do close coverage of Donghae-ssi..
DH: yesyesyes..

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